• Jeff Cheadle  Senior Pastor

    Finger-style and blues guitar player; novice bread baker/pizza maker; intrigued by science, technology, and history; deeply indebted to C.S. Lewis— apostle to skeptics— for his keen intelligence and imagination in presenting Jesus to the world.


  • Jonathan LuschE  Associate Pastor of Adult Ministry

    All about surfing, Starbucks, skateboarding, random documentaries, Vespas, Triumphs, street art, and cross-cultural experiences.


  • Cynthia Purvis Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults

    Lives for hanging out with students, gorging on teen fiction and Reese's peanut butter cups, and beating people in darts; prays for snow and cold weather in Simi Valley; hopes one day to meet and pet a hippo in Africa.


  • Dick Wells  Director of Worship Arts

    Been shot, in a major car wreck, and struck by lighting, all proof of the potency of a Mother’s prayers; loves people and tolerates dogs; enjoys cooking; fell out of the cradle singing… and landed on head.


  • Sherry Krogh  Director of Children and Family Ministry

    Loves adventures in L.A., especially midnight runs to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM; secret desire to be a fashion designer working in Paris; weakness for salted caramel and hot tamale candies; reigning Nertz champion over Pastor Cynthia.


  • Sally Thompson  Office Manager.

    Loves the smell of new office supplies and all things organizational; thinks cupcakes are the best thing ever and loves going to bed at night so she can have coffee in the morning.


  • Beth Huebert  Business Manager

    Loves roller coasters, shoot-'em-up action movies, and being a mom of two boys. Doesn't know how to do ponytails and not into long walks on the beach. 


  • ANDREA PITT Administrative Assistant

    Loves God, her three kids, college football (Go Gators!) and marching band. Doesn’t do math. Big fan of Fixer Upper and wants to go to Waco to visit The Magnolia Silos.