• Neal Nybo  Interim Pastor

    Kindness and clarity are two topics Pastor Neal never tires of. He considers both vital aspects of the good news Jesus calls Christians to proclaim. Pastor Neal has written and spoken about both topics. His most recent book, Servant Leadership in Action, is a collaboration with Ken Blanchard and an amazing list of significant leaders. Neal looks forward to working with StoneBridge in this season of Pastoral transition. 


  • Jonathan LuschE  Associate Pastor of Adult Ministry

    All about surfing, Starbucks, skateboarding, random documentaries, Vespas, Triumphs, street art, and cross-cultural experiences.


  • Cynthia Purvis Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults

    Lives for hanging out with students, gorging on teen fiction and Reese's peanut butter cups, and beating people in darts; prays for snow and cold weather in Simi Valley; hopes one day to meet and pet a hippo in Africa.


  • Lee Krabbe  Director of Worship Arts

    Loves rock 'n' roll, all things guitar, movies, muscle cars, and hanging out. 


  • STEPHANIE LEEDY Director of Children and Family Ministry

    Loves her Oregon Ducks and New England Patriots (sorry everyone); enjoys cooking, baking, and running after her two year old. 


  • Sally Thompson  Office Manager.

    Loves the smell of new office supplies and all things organizational; thinks cupcakes are the best thing ever and loves going to bed at night so she can have coffee in the morning.


  • Beth Huebert  Business Manager

    Loves roller coasters, shoot-'em-up action movies, and being a mom of two boys. Doesn't know how to do ponytails and not into long walks on the beach.