Our mission at Stonebridge community church:

To share the hope of Jesus,
to deepen our community in faith,
and to extend God's love to others.

                     a note from senior pastor jon saur:

Over the past couple years, with prayerful discussion and reflection, the StoneBridge Elder Board reassessed our church's mission statement and revised it.
In a unanimous vote made in January, 2023, StoneBridge's elders approved the following mission statement:

to share the hope of Jesus,
to deepen our community in faith,
and to extend God's love to others.
This updated mission statement clarifies aspects of StoneBridge's mission. Over the next few weeks, I'll address each of the three sections of the new mission statement.

Part 1: To share the hope of Jesus
The hope that Jesus proclaimed revealed God's love for the world and God's willingness to sacrifice for it. God's victory over death in the resurrection of Jesus is at the center of the hope of Jesus. Nothing is more important than the work God did in Jesus' life, death and resurrection. It is the solution to the world's problems and it is the basis of our Christian hope.
Jesus established the church so that this hope would be shared. The Apostle Paul and the early Christians gave their lives so that this hope would spread throughout the world. Following their lead, StoneBridge wants the world to know that death does not win in the end. Instead, there is hope in Jesus Christ's victory!

Part 2: Deepen our community in Faith

In a highly individualistic society, it can be easy for Christians to become isolated and detached from the church and from one another. StoneBridge wants to deepen our church community in faith, through weekly worship, Growth Groups, the Alpha Course, and prayer. 
As StoneBridge grows deeper in faith, we are better equipped to help the city of Simi Valley and the surrounding community. As we grow deeper in faith, we are empowered to invite others into the faith we proclaim.

Part 3: Extend God's love to others

1 John 4:8 tells us that "God is love." We know what love is by looking at how God has treated us. Specifically, we know what love is by looking to Jesus, who lived a perfect life and showed us what God's love looks like. Jesus sacrificed himself, healed others and cared genuinely and earnestly for those around him, even if they were enemies or betrayed him. This is what love looks like. 


Jesus commanded his disciples to love one another, to love their neighbors and to love their enemies. Jesus' followers are called to display his love to this world, so that the world might know who God is, know what love is and have hope. By partnering with our local mission partners, our global mission partners, and through the actions of the friends and members of StoneBridge, StoneBridge will be extending God's love to others, that they might see the reason for our hope. 

Message series: Faith, hope, love