Do you feel you need for personal renewal? Are you longing for more quiet time with God? Do you feel like something's holding you back? Does your spiritual life feel dry and empty? An Encounter Weekend may be just what you 're looking for.

Encounter Weekends offer you an opportunity to break free from sin, worry, doubt, and fear; to discover your place and your purpose in life; to overcome the things that have been holding you back from living up to your full potential.

The Encounter Weekend isn't just another retreat. It is a time for revitalization; a time for catching a fresh vision; a time to figure out what’s most important to you; a time to let go of the past and embrace the future; a time for hearing people like you sharing stories of transformation. The Encounter Weekend is two days of empowering testimonies, biblical teaching, dedicated reflection, and connecting with God. 

Whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life or you're still wondering what it's all about, come with an open mind and a humble heart, and your life could be changed forever.

Spring, 2019: Women's Weekend April 26-28; Men's Weekend May 3-5.




What The Guys Say…

"There were things the speakers talked about that I thought I had all wrapped up. I realized there was stuff I still needed to work on. Even if you think you have it all together, you really find out a lot about yourself. God always has something to say to you. Give him the opportunity and the time, and God is going to speak." —Kris Pohlman

The Men's Encounter turned out to be life changing for me. One of the biggest impacts is when we took the things that we keep most personal in our lives and put them in God’s hands. The Encounter is a chance to really start to look at yourself and where you are in your spiritual walk with the Lord. I encourage you to experience an encounter and see how it can change your life. (And the food is fantastic!) —Gary Hardy

"Wow! What an amazing experience! It strengthened my relationship with my wife, my daughter, my friends, my colleagues... but most of all, it kick-started strengthening and growing my relationship with God. This is definitely a weekend I think all men should attend." 

Stan Rector

What the Women Say…

"I went to the Women's Encounter because the curiosity of my heart sought God's wisdom; little did I know that the POWER of God's heart would transform me forever." —Barbara Waite

"The thought of attending the Women's Encounter by myself, with women I didn't know, frightened me for weeks! I told myself I wasn't going... God apparently had a different plan. After attending the Women's Encounter, it was clear that His plan was to change my heart. My experience helped me to let go of the things that had a hold on me, and put me on a path to living a purposeful and meaningful life." 

Renee Rector

"I have been on 'Christian retreats' before but words can't express what a blessing the Encounter Weekend was for me!  The Encounter brought me to a place where I could accept God's gift of GRACE." —Cindi Bisso

“Encounter gave me hope when I was hopeless!" —Lovie Brown

How To Register/ Additional Information

Prior to your Encounter Weekend, please plan to attend the two Pre-Encounter meetings at StoneBridge. These meetings will help you prepare and are vital for the success of your Encounter Weekend. Women's Pre-Encounter dates are 4/17 & 4/22; Men's Pre-Encounter dates are 4/25 & 4/29. 

Cost is $169.00 per person and includes food, lodging and transportation for the entire weekend. Financial aid may be available.

Encounter Weekend Location: The Oaks Christian Camp, 18651 Pine Canyon Road, Lake Hughes, CA. Map/Directions

To register please (1) fill out a Registration form, (2) Complete Medical Release form, and (3) Forward registration fee using PayPal link below.

(1) Download and complete the Encounter Weekend Registration Form or click here to fill out the form online

(2) Download, and complete the Medical Release Form

(3) Forward payment via PayPal for Men's Registration Fee or Women's Registration Fee

(4) If you are a Server for an Encounter Weekend, please use the appropriate link to pay your fee: Men's Weekend or Women's Weekend 

(5) Bring all completed forms with you to your first Pre-Encounter meeting.


Debbie Westerfield — Women's Encounter Contact (805) 501-0213

Mark Swink — Men's Encounter Contact (805) 732-6945