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  • latest news from haiti

    By Connect2 Founder, Greg Barshaw

    15 FEB 23

    It has been a difficult beginning to the year. I have not lost hope that help will come for Haiti, but the truth is that Haiti is in a civil war. The challenge has become how to maintain ministry in the middle of chaos.

    Last month, the last of Haiti’s elected officials left the country. It’s estimated there are more than 200 gangs now running the country. Where police stations once stood, gangs have taken over. It’s also estimated that more than fifty percent of Haitians are suffering from malnourishment. A reported 10,000 have been diagnosed with cholera, and this only represents those who have sought medical attention. 

    The last few weeks have been difficult for the ministry. We were forced to abandon two containers of food at the port. The containers would have guaranteed the compound two months of supply for our staff, children, and the community’s needs. Pastor Poyis has been resourceful to feed his people, but it has become extremely costly and difficult to obtain food. 

    You may have read our urgent prayer request just a couple of weeks ago. Pastor Marcelin and three of his church leaders had been abducted by a gang in Onaville. They’ve since been released and are safely home with their families. This is the reality of life in Haiti for pastors right now. 

    As I write to you, the children are celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Regency Home opening its doors to its first children. Pastor Poyis told me they happily made their celebration plans, and they don’t know what goes on outside their walls. They continue to grow and thrive. 

    I am so thankful for the faithfulness of Pastor Poyis, Jimmy, CV, and their wives. I am thankful to the Lord for His hedge of protection around the compound and our Children’s Homes. 

    There's no fixing Haiti. Suffering is an inescapable part of life on earth, and denying that would be foolish. Jesus Himself said, “the poor you will have with you always.” But despite that reality, we take up the responsibility of acting generously and compassionately toward the needy—just like Christ did with us. 

    So I ask that you pray with us that our ministry will pursue radical faithfulness in the opportunities in front of us, and that God will use His church as a beacon of hope to those who need it most.

    Thank you, friend, for your continued support and prayers.

  • LATEST NEWS FROM Dayspring school, uganda

    By founder & Director, George MuzaAle

    14 Nov 22

    Greetings from the Muzaales and the Dayspring Community. 

    We do appreciate all your prayers that you send to the Father on our behalf. We are thankful to God for His unending grace and protection upon our lives. Just as we were overcoming the effects of Covid 19 that saw us being locked down for about two years, again the eastern part of Uganda got hit with a severe famine in May, June and July. And as if that is not enough, Ebola has hit the Western part of our country and a few cases are being reported even in parts of Kampala, the capital.

    In Jinja we have not had any cases so far and it is our prayers that it does not come to us. However, a directive from the ministry of education has been issued to the effect that all schools nationwide be closed in two weeks (by Nov 25th) to prevent outbreaks of ebola in school communities as have been found in the two districts under lockdown already. This cuts the term short by two weeks since the original official closing date was December 9th.

    The funds from StoneBridge help much to cover for the pupils who are vulnerable or whose parents are underprivileged - this number totals about 50 pupils post covid. Thanks to StoneBridge Community Church for relentlessly stepping in times of need.

  • Lastest news about impact summer trips 2023

    By Impact director Kristi Labarge

    10 Nov 22

    IMPACT (International Mission Project and Cross-Cultural Training program) has sent hundreds of short-term missionaries to serve and learn from fellow Christians around the world. This summer will be no different! This summer, there are opportunities to serve in Honduras, Romania, Turkey, and Mexico. Applications are due in February. Please click here for more information and how to apply.