Haiti Update

It’s been a little over a month since I wrote to you last, and the situation in Haiti remains much the same. Instability continues, and that reality makes me so thankful for the personal relationship we have with Jesus, who is the same “yesterday, and today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).  

The biggest challenge for our ministry at the moment is the situation with the ports. Our prayer is that the authorities will be able to take back control and reestablish some kind of order for all the imports that come through these harbors. However, we are praising God that we were able to receive two containers—one of food, one of supplies—in a period of stability before the port was shut down again. Needless to say, this container has been a huge help to our ministry.

Our kids celebrated by sharing a meal!  

In the midst of these struggles, we still have much to praise God for. The Mercy Network pastors are doing well. Since these churches are smaller, they’re not a major target for gangs or other groups, but food has been a challenge. The police have been helping with meeting those needs in light of the port situation, but it’s still another reason we’re praying for stability in the ports.


We are also thanking the Lord that Pastor Poyis’s church just celebrated seven years of ministry. I remember when we started working together back in 2009, and it’s amazing to look back on what the Lord has done over the years since then. God allowed us to partner in rebuilding a lot of churches in Haiti, more than sixteen of them, before leading Poyis to his own pastoral position in 2015. The church was so excited to celebrate this anniversary together! There were seven baptisms on this Sunday, three of them were youths, and the whole day was a joyful testament to God’s work through His people.   

One of the things that will help us support Poyis and the other Mercy Network pastors is a stable WiFi connection. We are still hoping to have a Starlink network in place soon, which will allow us to do virtual conferences and calls more frequently. It’s hard to facilitate ministry at distance, but we know it’s a useful option in light of the recent gang trouble in the area.


Thank you for your continued prayers.


In His Grip,