stonebridge weekly newsletter

  • Nehemiah - a well built, rebuilt life

    Time to Rebuild
    The only thing tragedy gives us is the opportunity to rebuild. This week in worship, Pastor Neal begins a new series, Nehemiah - A Well Built, Rebuilt Life. Confronted by tragedy, Nehemiah needed to rebuild, not just Jerusalem’s wall but his own self-understanding and faith in God. We all face the challenge of rebuilding areas of our lives. This weekend we’ll examine Nehemiah’s wisdom, whose own journey of personal purpose and rebuilding has stood the test of time.

  • Ash Wednesday Service - 2/26 @ 7pm

    Join us in the Sanctuary for this family friendly, all-church service that marks the beginning of the holy season of Lent.

  • Ultimate Huddle Update

    The final results of the Ultimate Huddle financial request are in. When asked to increase giving by an additional $10 a week for a duration of six months following the arrival of our new pastor, 44% of the congregation responded. This 44% response bridges $4800 of the monthly deficit of $10,000. In January, an increase in giving reflected follow through on this commitment. Additionally, some generous, one-time financial gifts were given. These commitments and gifts inspire confidence and allow time for the Elder Board to work on a thoroughly thought through and sustainable 2020/21 budget. However, with a deficit still remaining, challenging budgetary adjustments will be necessary.

  • Spring growth groups start 2/22-23

    Nehemiah: A Well Built, Rebuilt Life
    At StoneBridge, we believe that being in authentic relationships causes one to grow deeper in faith and helps bring about personal well-being. StoneBridge growth groups are the ideal place to get connected, be encouraged, encourage others, and explore biblical truth. Now is the perfect time to join a Growth Group and get the most out of our upcoming Spring message series. The series will be informative and uplifting in which Pastor Neal will be taking an in-depth look at Nehemiah. Join us starting February 22nd & 23rd for a series called Nehemiah: A well Built, Rebuilt Life. This weekend in worship, take a look at the Spring schedule in the bulletin for all the groups offered and visit The Hub or contact Barbara Waite to sign up today.

  • Mexico loft house pre-build

    Saturday, March 7th; check-in starts @ 8am
    With your help, StoneBridge is building a loft house in Ensenada, Mexico. And you don’t have to travel further than the church parking lot. If you can hammer a nail or manage a paintbrush, you’re qualified! We’re also collecting gift items for the recipient family. Visit the Ministry Table on the patio this weekend to sign up and learn more.

  • Samaritan center dinner

    StoneBridge provides dinner at the Samaritan Center the fourth Wednesday of every month. Opportunities are available to provide food, serve, and/or clean up. Dinner is from 5-6pm. If you are unavailable on the 26th, dishes can be made in advance and dropped off. You can also contribute by donating gift cards for Costco. After 7 ½ years, Scott Regier is stepping down from this ministry and will be focusing on other StoneBridge volunteer activities. Paul Zaragoza will be the new contact, cell #818-730-5491 or send him an email. 

  • stonebridge christian recovery

    StoneBridge Christian Recovery
    Every Wednesday night at 7pm
    StoneBridge Christian Recovery is designed to help you on the road to recovery of any hurts, habits, or hang-ups that are keeping you from a joyful and productive life. If this resonates with you, then please join us Wednesday nights in Room #101.