stonebridge weekly newsletter

  • Which Mountain?

    When life feels crushing, personal faith is often questioned. Self-doubt soon follows and a downward, spiritual spiral begins. We question, “Why didn’t I have enough faith?" This week, Pastor Neal will unveil a healthier perspective on Mark 11:22-25. Join StoneBridge for online worship to hear the good news! Join StoneBridge for online worship anytime after Saturday @ 5:30pm by clicking here.

  • transition timeline

    Two weeks ago, our congregation voted to elect Pastor Jon Saur as our next Senior Pastor - Head of Staff. Here are some important dates to be aware of: 

    11/7-8 - Pastor Neal's last weekend service

    11/14-15 - Pastor Tom Stephen leads weekend service

    11/21-22 - Pastor Jonathan leads weekend service

    11/28-29 - Pastor Jon Saur's first weekend service

  • outdoor worship - October 24th @ 5:30pm

    Weather permitting, we will have an outdoor worship service on the front lawn at StoneBridge on Saturday, October 24th @ 5:30pm! Join us for worship, a message, and some fellowship- 6 feet apart of course! Registration is now open, so please click here to register before the 24th. 

  • samaritan center volunteer opportunity

    At this time, StoneBridge is no longer collecting restaurant gift cards for The Samaritan Center. StoneBridge continues to be in partnership with the Samaritan Center and will now assist our community's disenfranchised by providing boxed dinners to clients. If you would like to take an active part in providing food and/or assembling boxed dinners, please contact the church office to be added to the volunteer roster.

  • online giving

    During this time of worshipping virtually, it's important to continue contributing to the ongoing ministry of StoneBridge.
    Here are the ways you can give:
    1. Give online through our website
    2. Your bank’s bill pay.
    3. By mail. If you’d like church envelopes sent to you, please send an email.

  • News, Prayer & Praise requests

    Please continue to share your news, prayers, and praises so that our staff and care teams can pray for you and your family. You can email directly to or fill out a form through our website. 

  • stonebridge christian recovery

    StoneBridge Christian Recovery is designed to help you on the road to recovery of any hurts, habits, or hang-ups that are keeping you from a joyful and productive life. The program will be meeting virtually every Wednesday night at 7:00pm. Send an email to get registered.