stonebridge weekly newsletter

  • B.C./A.D. What Changed?

    Jesus Reaffirmed Science
    Many people think the Bible contradicts science or that science contradicts the Bible. A recent article stated, “Believers have nothing to fear from science, understood as the study of God’s created works.” This week, Pastor Neal looks at how Jesus reaffirmed our understanding of modern science as we continue our series B.C./A.D. What Changed? with a message from Pastor Neal called "Jesus Reaffirmed Science". 

  • The Ultimate huddle - follow-up

    A Note from Pastor Neal

    Following the Ultimate Huddle, held after the last weekend's worship services, and the letter you should have received this past week, I want to encourage you to please return your commitment card in the offering or the included, return envelope. Thank you for your faithfulness and participation! 

    To read the letter online and turn in your commitment card electronically, click here.

  • Christmas eve services

    Join us December 24th for our Christmas Eve services. At 4:00pm we’ll have a family service with singing, games, and telling the story of the birth of Christ ending with a child-safe candle lighting. Following at 5:30, 7:00, and 8:30pm will be our traditional Christmas Eve candlelight services. This will be a wonderful opportunity to invite your family and friends to StoneBridge.

  • deacon angel tree

    With the Deacon Angel Tree, we have an opportunity to help members of our own StoneBridge family. This is the final weekend to stop by the Angel Tree after service, remove a gift card request from the tree, and return it with the appropriate gift card attached. Gift cards can be turned in at the church office at any time through December 17th. Cards will be distributed to their recipients during the week of Christmas.

  • Ugandan jewelry

    A fun and unique way to participate in missions is to visit the ministry tables after service and purchase paper bead jewelry handmade from the women in Wanyanga, Uganda. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the jewelry sales goes back to the women to buy food and clothing for their children. We thank the members and friends of StoneBridge for your support and continued prayers.

  • stonebridge christian recovery

    StoneBridge Christian Recovery
    Every Wednesday night at 7pm
    StoneBridge Christian Recovery is designed to help you on the road to recovery of any hurts, habits, or hang-ups that are keeping you from a joyful and productive life. If this resonates with you, then please join us Wednesday nights in Room #101.