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  • Think about such things

    This week, Pastor Jon concludes our "Cultivate" sermon series, as he preaches on Philippians 4:8-9, reflecting on Paul's vision for the church. What is the church's role in our lives long-term? And how does the church help us fulfill Paul's encouragement to "think about such things?" Join us in worship for answers to these questions and more!

    Attention families- full programming, including nursery care, children's, and youth, is available during our Saturday night service. Nursery care is available during our Sunday morning worship service with a reservation

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  • stonebridge parents podcast

    A new episode available every Tuesday!
    This past week, on the StoneBridge Parents podcast, Children & Family ministries director Stephanie Leedy sat down with friend and StoneBridge community member Ashley Chelonis and talked about raising children with special needs. This coming Tuesday will be our last episode. Ms. Stephanie will sit down with two friends and members of the StoneBridge community, Shannon Rohrer and Sally Thompson and talk about mom guilt. You won’t want to miss it! Look for these special episodes within the StoneBridge podcast.

  • stonebridge essentials and discussion groups

    Theologian and reformer John Calvin identified three essentials of Christian faith: The Trinity, the life and work of Jesus, and justification by grace through faith. Sadly, many Christians have lost sight of these essentials. Rolling out over the next three summers, StoneBridge Essentials is a podcast series that will focus on these historic Christian beliefs.
    At the center of the Christian faith is the doctrine of the Trinity, a description of God that is impossible to fully understand but necessary to uphold. Starting the first Tuesday in August (and every Tuesday for the following five weeks), Part 1 - The Trinity will be available by podcast. Listen to this five-part podcast series and additionally, sign up for one of the following, supplemental discussion groups:


    Tuesdays, 5:30pm - Facilitator Rick Caduvi by Zoom

    Wednesdays, 11:45am - Facilitator Pastor Jonathan by Zoom

    Wednesdays, 6:30pm - Facilitator Pastor Jonathan in person, Fireside Room

    Thursdays, 6:30pm - Facilitator Rick Caduvi in person, Fireside Room


    Sign up by contacting the church office

  • global missions update

    UGANDA: Uganda remains in lockdown due to Covid. Vaccinations remain scarce. George and Stella Muzaale (Day Spring School) have contracted Covid; please pray for their recovery and an end to the lockdown which would allow the school to reopen.

    HAITI: Following the recent assassination of the Haitian President, the country has gone into lockdown, including closure of the international airport. Please pray for peace, calm, and safety for the country of Haiti, and especially the children at Sheepfold, Regency, and Mercy Children’s Homes and the many churches and pastors who partner with Connect 2 Ministries.

  • News, Prayer & Praise requests

    Prayers of comfort for the family of Lorene Holdsworth who passed away on Tuesday, July 6th. 

    Please continue to share your news, prayers, and praises so that our staff and care teams can pray for you and your family. You can email directly to or fill out a form through our website.