Logo/Brand Guidelines

The StoneBridge Community Church logo was carefully designed to provide a consistent visual identity and branding for our congregation’s internal and external communications. The guidelines that follow are intended to protect the integrity and consistency of our branding and messaging. 

1. Background

The StoneBridge logo was designed to be displayed on a white background. The logo may, under some circumstances, be used on a light background, but only with prior approval. 

2. Clearance

To maintain the visual prominence of the logo in graphic layouts and designs, an area of clearance should be preserved around the logo

3. Proportion/ Formatting

Do not change logo element proportions. Do not stretch the logo horizontally, vertically, or otherwise.

4. Typeface/Fonts

The typeface used in the StoneBridge logo is Adobe Garamond Pro (Bold), with a modified R used in StoneBridge. All letters are uppercase. Do not alter, substitute, or attempt to approximate fonts, and do not alter or change the leading or tracking.

5. Color

Do not change, substitute, or approximate colors. The blue (screen) color is hex #015294. The brown (screen) color is hex #7e543b. The office can provide you with .cmyk files used for printing. 

6. Social media logo

The special logo designed for use with the square formatting found in a number of social media sites should not be used in other communications. 

7. Exceptions

On rare occasion exceptions to these standards may be granted with prior approval (as in the case of the logo’s use in architectural features on our campus including The Hub, Sanctuary, and front sign). 

The church office will be happy to provide you with graphic files of our logo in a variety of formats (.ai, .psd, .pdf, .cmyk, .tif, and .jpg) for your use. Under no circumstances should these files be altered or modified, as per the guidelines above.