Update from George and Stella Muzalle

Dayspring News-post - August, 2021



The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty, The Lord is clothed Himself with strength. Indeed, the world is firmly established it shall not be moved. (Ps 93:1-5)


Dear Praying Friends, 

We pray the Lord’s favour and grace to abound with you now and always.    


Indeed with so much going on around the world, earthquakes, wars, pandemics, it is reassuring to know that the Lord reigns and is in control no matter what the circumstances. May every form of distress you may be  encountering  presently bow at the authority of Jesus’ Power. The Lord reigns.

Following from our last update, the reopening of schools did not happen as we had anticipated. Instead, the country was further subjected to a 42 day lockdown! The second wave of Covid was sweeping across the country with great ferocity and the upsurge of infections rampantly reported. More and more infections, more hospital admissions and more deaths. Transport was restricted across districts. Only ambulances and other official vehicles could move across districts during that period. A three-day deadline was given for the transport ban to take effect. Those who had to travel from work place, schools, back to their village homes had to do so without delay. So, we too had to dash to get our kids from school. 


Then the pandemic began hitting closer to home! One of our ex-pastors succumbed, and then a neighbour here and a neighbour there - friends in YWAM hospitalized, family members down etc. It was like a battle zone, with bullets knocking down one after another. Hospitals were overflowing. Oxgyen was in scarcity, drugs were too expensive. Vaccines in short supply.  


So we got the kids back from school, but Carol - she was complaining of overwhelming ‘fatigue’. We lightly attributed it to exhaustive study and hoped the break would help to rejuvenate her. A few days later she was not getting better but weaker. Complaining of tiredness, no appetite no smell, no taste. The symptoms sounded more like those of the ‘monster’ most dreaded. To be sure, we headed to the medical facility for laboratory assessment. The report read: SARS 11 – CoV positive. Alas! Carol was positive for Covid 19. Apparently, she had contracted it from the congested quarters at the university. We were not a little shaken on hearing this news.  

Because of the congestion at the hospital, and also that the infection was still at its early stage, she was recommended for home based care (isolation) for fourteen days on the prescribed drugs. (no drugs given at the hospital, one has to buy from pharmacies). Pharmacies were swarming with people scrambling to get the prescriptions for their loved ones. Lining up at the pharmacies for hours, and once at the counter you learn this or that type of the required drug is not available here! We literally rounded up all the pharmacies in Jinja until we got all that was needed. Needless to mention, everything to do with Covid is expensive, from the laboratory tests to the treatment itself and if your patient happens to need oxygen, there's very minimal to go around, so you make sure you have a standby oxgyen cylinder at your own cost - the prices for oxgyen also sky rocketed. The cost for in-patient treatment is wildly exorbitant. Families have ended up mortgaging their property to clear the bills upon discharge - whether patient recovered or died. 

We thank the Lord, that at the review after Carol’s isolation, the tests showed that she was responding positively and the symptoms had cleared. The presenting side effects of the infection were also appropriately put in check. She has gradually regained her appetite, sense of taste and smell and is in full strength.

Stella’s mom, (81years) ended up admitted in hospital. She was suffering from covid without knowing it because the tests were showing she was negative, although she was feeling pain in breathing and presented very low blood pressure. After one week at the hospital without improving, the doctor referred her to a bigger hospital for a CT scan of the heart and lungs. The scan result revealed that 67 percent of her lungs had been badly damaged by Covid and her heart had swollen, etc... which explained the reason for chest pain.   

She was transferred to the ICU unit for several days - where she spent 10 days in critical condition. After ten days she began to stabilize, and she was let out of ICU but had to stay in hospital for another seven days because she still needed the oxygen support. To cut the long story, she was discharged on 17th July, after over a month long battle with Covid. It was a very trying moment for us and at some point we had lost hope of her recovery. It was by a ‘divine’ encounter - that she pulled through. She is getting her strength back little by little each day and can get on her feet now to move around the house for the doctor’s recommended daily exercises. 

Stella’s case was same as Carol’s – detected early. We decided to take it covertly, not to cause alarm to the children and to all. We thank God for his tender mercy, and healing grace. George is coping well and the rest of the children are doing ok. In the meantime, we largely use local herbal concoctions recommended for boosting immunity. The battle still rages. Warnings about the third and fourth waves are plain. We daily entreat the intervention of the Lord in these hard times – He alone can still these tumultuous times of our day.

July 30th was to mark the end of those 42 day lockdown but the lock down was just eased up only for transportation and for essential businesses. The warning was that: PLACES ARE OPENING BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMY. NOT BECAUSE IT IS SAFE. KEEP THAT IN MIND.....  

That being so, schools and churches were to stay closed for another 60 days! The sixty days expire at the end of September – so we remain closed and it is not very pleasant. We have tried to hold on to our best teachers but it’s almost impossible to retain them indefinitely without any active business or stipends.  

The govt is working on having all school workers, pupils and students being vaccinated first before reopening. The challenge is that the vaccines are still in short supply and it is unlikely that the total number to go around the teachers and school children will be realized before end of September. So far, less than a million have received the first shot. Our district is yet to open for vaccination. Rumour has it that this academic year will be reckoned a dead one. We await the president’s directive on the reopening at the end of September.  

Meanwhile, we are doing our best to stay fit, working hard in the garden where we get plenty of sunshine to boost our vitamin D. Getting plenty of exercise and observe all SOPs until the vaccines arrive at our designated centres here in our district.


May the mighty wave of the Spirit of God move upon our planet and miserably defy every antagonizing Covid wave in Jesus’ Name. Yes Jesus will forever be relevant – even amidst devastating pandemics.  We wish you peace and safety in a tumultuous world.  


Prayer Points:

= The government to acquire enough vaccines for the entire population

= For natural immunity to be boosted as we wait for the vaccines. 

= God’s provisions to abound during this unpredictable time.

= Strength and good health.

= Renewed vision for the work.


Warmest regards, 

George & Stella Muzaale
for all at home & Dayspring Team