Fast for Haiti

This is an opportunity for our youth group to raise our awareness of issues about local and international poverty and hunger without ever leaving the security of Simi Valley. It's also an opportunity to deepen our faith through fasting, prayer, fellowship, and worship. This event functions like a jog­a­thon where students fast from solid food for 30 hours, raising a minimum of $75.

How to participate:

-Raise a minimum of $75 by seeking financial support from friends, neighbors and extended family.

-Start the fast after a modest lunch on Friday April 20th.

-End the fast with Communion on Saturday night. 

All the funds raised will go to support StoneBridge’s international mission partner, Connect 2 Ministries and Pastor Timothy’s 44 orphans. Our international mission team first went to Haiti in 2014. The money raised will be used to provide food and clothing and cover housing costs for the orphans at Pastor Timothy’s.

Summer Beach Campout

Registration opens May 1st


MS and HS beach campout

For more information email Pastor Cynthia