Board of Deacons

Since its earliest days, deacons have served in the Christian church. The deacons of StoneBridge Community Church “minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to anyone who may be in distress.” This happens in many ways: through visits, prayer, food, hosting funeral receptions, referrals to social services, and providing financial assistance.

Some people feel hesitant or embarrassed asking for help. Our deacons understand that and handle all requests with sensitivity, confidentiality, and discretion. No request is discussed outside our Board of Deacons unless you specifically ask (for example, you may want the deacons to add your name to the prayer list or to contact a pastor on your behalf).

Every active member of StoneBridge has a deacon. If you would like to find out who your deacon is, please contact the church office.