What is an Encounter Weekend?

Life's troubles often send us searching for meaningful answers. If you're seeking spiritual truths, wondering about the Christian faith, and willing to come with an open mind and a humble heart, The Encounter Weekend has the potential to change the course of your life.

An Encounter is an experience that changes, renews or affirms the course of our lives. All of us have experienced important milestones, or Encounters, in our lives but one of the most important Encounters you could ever experience, is an Encounter with God. The Encounter Weekend is two days of empowering testimonies, biblical teaching, dedicated reflection, sincere worship and divine friendship. Encounter is designed to help you discover, re-discover, strengthen or enhance your relationship with God and experience the FREEDOM that only comes with the acceptance of God’s unceasing grace.

Testimony for Encounter

I went to the Encounter with the goal of Learning/Connecting with Jesus. What I came back with was a transformed heart, mind and the knowledge that God Love is endless, vast, never-ending, unconditional and he will never stop loving me.

The Encounter Weekend is your time to connect with Jesus but you will also have fun enjoying the process in addition to great food and fellowship.

—Leo S.

I have been on 'Christian retreats' before but words alone cannot express what a blessing the Encounter weekend was for me! The Encounter brought me to a place where I could accept God's gift of GRACE.

—Cindi B.

The thought of attending the Women's Encounter by myself, with women I didn't know, frightened me for weeks! I told myself I wasn't going... God apparently had a different plan. After attending the Women's Encounter, it was clear that His plan was to change my heart. My experience helped me to let go of the things that had a hold on me, and put me on a path to living a purposeful and meaningful life.

Renee R.

I went to Encounter with the goal of strengthening my relationship with God. This amazing experience not only did that, but it led to freedom from sin and the release of baggage in my life. The ongoing effect in the following months and years has transformed my life in Christ.

—Kevin C.

How To Register/ Additional Information

Prior to your Encounter Weekend, please plan to attend the two Pre-Encounter meetings at StoneBridge. These meetings will help you prepare and are vital for the success of your Encounter Weekend. 

Cost is $169.00 per person and includes food, lodging and transportation for the entire weekend. Financial aid may be available.

Encounter Weekend Location: The Oaks Christian Camp, 18651 Pine Canyon Road, Lake Hughes, CA. Map/Directions

To register please (1) fill out a Registration form, (2) Complete Medical Release form, and (3) Forward registration fee using PayPal link below.

(1) Download and complete the Encounter Weekend Registration Form or click here to fill out the form online

(2) Forward payment via PayPal for Men's Registration Fee or Women's Registration Fee

(3) Download, and complete the Medical Release Form

(4) Bring all completed forms with you to your first Pre-Encounter meeting.

Servers Only:

If you are a Server for an Encounter Weekend, please use the appropriate link to pay your fee: Men's Server Fee or Women's Server Fee 


Danielle Davis — Women's Encounter Contact (805) 807-1521

Kevin Coe — Men's Encounter Contact (805) 915-9633