drive-thru communion

Please join us on Saturday, September 5th; 5:30-6:30pm for StoneBridge's drive-thru communion celebration. 

Please read through these logistics and guidelines:

1. If you are feeling ill, for the heath of others, please feel free to stay home. 

2. All volunteers will be practicing social distancing, CDC approved hygiene

    recommendations, and wearing masks.

3. All communion supplies are individually packaged and will be handled only

    with gloved hands until they are handed to congregants on a serving tray.

4. Please remain in your car the entire time you are on campus. 

5. Please approach the church from the west (from Tapo Street) and plan on

    making a right hand turn into the parking lot.

6. Please follow all directions from volunteers and signs while on the church


7. Please depart the church by turning right, towards Stearns.

8. Click here for a map of the campus.

This is an opportunity to celebrate our church community during this challenging time and we appreciate your cooperation with these safety procedures.