The Top Ten Verses Everyone Needs to Know

Drawing on texts from Genesis through Revelation, we explore some of the most memorable, theologically important, and culturally significant verses in scripture. 

01 "And Abram believed the LORD…" (Genesis 15.6) | Notes

02 "Hear, O Israel!" (Deuteronomy 6.4-5) | Notes

03 "You Shall Be Holy…" (Leviticus 11.45) | Notes

04  "By His Wounds We Are Healed…" (Isaiah 53.5) | Notes

05 "Grace and Truth Came Through Jesus…" (John 1.17) | Notes

06 "In All Things God Works For the Good…" (Romans 8.28) | Notes

07 "By Grace You Have Been Saved…" (Ephesians 2.9) | Notes

08 "Do Not Be Anxious…" (Philippians 4.6-8) | Notes

09 "All Scripture is God-Breathed…" (2 Timothy 3.16-17) | Notes

10 "If My People…" (2 Chronicles 7.14) | Notes

The Gospel Of Matthew

God's Gift of Love to the Whole Wide World

Matthew forms a beautiful bridge between the Old and New Testaments, presenting Jesus as both Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world.

01 Introduction to Matthew, chapters 1-4 | Notes

02 The Sermon on the Mount, chapters 5-7 | Notes

03 The Sermon in the Move, chapters 8-9 | Notes

04 The Training of the Twelve, chapter 10 | Notes

05 Who Are You, chapter 11-12 | Notes

06 Speaking in Parables, chapter 13 | Notes

07 I Will Build My Church, chapters 14-17 | Notes

08 Living Together in the Family of God, chapter 18 | Notes

09 Tricks, Traps, Truth, chapters 19-23 | Notes

10 The End of the World As We Know It, chapters 24-25 | Notes

"The Story" & "BELIEVE"

Understanding the Bible and what It Tells us

Overwhelmed by the Bible? Need help putting the pieces of scripture together? The Story series helps us see the Old and New Testaments as one seamless story of God's love for all creation.

BELIEVE follows The Story by illuminating the core beliefs, practices, and virtues of the Christian faith that grow out of scripture and help us to learn how to think, act, and be more like Jesus. 


Miracles and the Power of God to Change Your Life

Do you believe in miracles?  In this series we examine the evidence, address common questions and objections, and explore the meaning of miracles and the power of God to change your life.

01  The Miracle of the Resurrection | Notes

02 Why the Bible's Miracles Matter | Notes

03 From Nothing to Everything: The Miracle of Creation | Notes

04 The Miracle That Is Your Life | Notes

05 The Miracle of New Life in Christ | Notes

06  Are You Ready For a Miracle? | Notes

07 The Greatest Love of All | Notes